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About me - James Holloway, Counselling and PsychotherapyIt can be a daunting prospect to share personal thoughts and feelings with someone you know little about. On this page I hope to give you an idea of who I am and what I bring to the role of therapist.

For over 10 years I successfully ran my own company in Torbay, Devon. Then due to the stresses of running the company I had to close it down. I went to counselling at this point for the first time in my life as it was not something I was ever drawn to. It helped me a great deal to realise there was more to life than just work and stress. I was so impressed and interested by the counselling I booked myself on to a basic course on counselling concepts. From there I grew as a person and as a counsellor.

I did two courses on basic counselling. Then went on to do an advanced diploma: in Humanistic counselling at the Dartmoor centre in Newton Abbot. This took two years to achieve and was truly a great learning experience. To achieve this diploma I had a placement as college counsellor at Honiton Community college and I was there for over a year. I really valued my time there and learnt how important the role of college/school counsellor is.

During the counselling course my music partner and friend got diagnosed with cancer. As he had no family I became his main carer. Watching a good friend slowly slipping away and to sadly then pass is a very emotional experience. Bereavement and loss is a big part of counselling and I can really empathise with this. The support of my own counselling really helped me at this time.

Having got dyslexia I know how frustrating this can be. My training has helped me a lot with this. So I have a good understanding of the problems this can bring in life and there is a number of ways that can really help. So it’s good to be able to pass this on to clients that also have dyslexia.

I myself have had first-hand experience in having depression, I am very aware how debilitating the illness can be. When I suffered from the condition in around 2006 I had a break-down and in consequence had to have a total change of career. This became my first experience in counselling and it inspired me to persue a career to help others like me.

Today I no longer suffer from depression as the counselling I received helped me to understand how I was dealing with my life, in turn it helped me change the way I looked at things and how I could focus more on the positive.

At this point in my journey I was introduced to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy. I loved the way they focussed on change and moving forward with quick results. So I achieved a Diploma in NLP and became a certified Hypnotherapist to use a long side counselling.

Once I achieved my Diploma in counselling I then applied for a position at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital as a counsellor. I successfully achieved this role and work there today counselling staff from the NHS. So at present I mix my private practice work with working for the NHS. I really enjoy the richness and variety this brings me, also in seeing clients grow over the sessions I have with them.

As a side line I also play in a duo playing live music in pubs and have been doing that for years. I love music listening and playing. It gives me some time to relax and enjoy a pint.



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