depressionUse hypnotherapy to help relieve depression

The symptoms of depression can vary. You may feel exhausted all the time, be unable to sleep, or always want to sleep.  You may cry or get irritated for no apparent reason, feel isolated or worthless or not be able to concentrate, or have no appetite.

Whatever you symptoms, depression can become a really debilitating condition that can severely impact on your life, and those around you.

Depression comes about through negative thought processes and self-beliefs.  I can work with you using hypnotherapy and NLP to help you replace these negative thoughts, and beliefs with positive ones.  Depression can become a thing of the past and you can learn to be happy once more.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be very effective when dealing with depression.  By using this combination that enables you access to the unconscious part of the mind the cause of the depression can be uncovered, and the symptoms can be relieved.  Your behaviour and thinking patterns are stored in the unconscious part of the mind, and therefore negative patterns can be replaced with positive patterns.

Past negative experiences can also be given new positive perspectives.  This will result in your being able you to respond to negative situations in a more resourceful and positive way.



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