Exam Nerves

Using Hypnosis & NLP to help with Exam Nerves

Most of us have experienced some degree of nerves during an exam, where you may feel no motivation to study prior to the exam and then get the sweaty palms, and racing heartbeat during the exam.

By nature, exams are stressful situations.

Most of us are able to work through these nerves and still manage to focus our minds on the task ahead, but for some, their nerves can get the better of them and they are unable to perform well in an exam.  Just the thought of an exam can affect them to such a degree that they may experience chronic stress, with anxiety attacks, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Exam nerves can impact heavily on an individual’s life, limiting career options and lowering confidence and self esteem.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help you to overcome your exam nerves.  Through your unconscious mind you can make positive changes to your behaviours and self-belief.  This will enable you to replace anxieties and choose new beliefs and behaviours that will result in you being able to deliver your full potential in the exam room.



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