Fear of Heights

Using Hypnosis to relieve a Fear of Heights

Being hesitant and cautious about heights is a natural human response.

However, for some, after experiencing an unsettling or dangerous event associated with heights, caution can be replaced by anxiousness and extreme panic.

This could happen in a range of situations, such as climbing stairs or a ladder, or looking out of a window high up in a skyscraper, or walking along a high breakwater on the seafront.

The good news is that with the help of hypnosis you will be able to overcome this fear.  Hypnosis and NLP allow you to access the unconscious part of the mind where fears and phobias are stored, enabling the retraining of this pattern of behaviour.

The fear of heights usually manifests itself the moment the individual either, gets near to, or sees the ‘drop’.  So you could say that the fear is more like a fear of falling.

As the unconscious part of the mind recalls the stored negative experience, it sends a warning that this is dangerous.  The imagination then takes over and shows the individual just how easy it is to jump or fall, which in turn initiates an adrenaline rush and a panic response.

With the help of hypnotherapy and NLP this behaviour pattern can be changed.  This will enable you to be calm and confident around height, without losing sight that you still need to be cautious.



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