Life Coaching

Coaching is a fairly new concept and is one that has taken off considerably in the United States in recent years. You maybe familiar with famous life coaches such as Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. They have revolutionised the concept of coaching and have developed some very successful and useful online products that can be used at home.

Coaching is about helping and guiding people to achieve their dreams and goals.

People who take up coaching are usually in a relatively good place in their lives, and are emotionally secure in themselves. (i.e. do not require counselling) They seek help from a coach because they are just unable to work out for themselves how to be the person they want to be, have the career they want to have, have the money they would like to earn or the relationship they yearn for.  Coaching entails so much and you can now employ relationship coaches, business coaches, leadership coaches, mentor coaches, life coaches; the list is endless.  A coach is someone who will drive you, set you home work and is someone to be accountable to.

Coaching would be beneficial for those that are:


  • Starting a new business,
  • Have a business and need a new direction,
  • Want a new career or life change(relationships, finance, new location etc),
  • Would like to change negative self talk to positive self talk,
  • Have just taken a leadership role for the first time,
  • Want to be an inspiring leader to others, and the best leader they can possibly be to their staff.


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