Post Traumatic Stress Counselling

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a real illness and can be treated. PTSD may develop after experiencing, or living through, a dangerous event for example a serious road traffic accident, earthquake, war.

Many other incidents may lead to PTSD. The development of PTSD is dependent upon different factors such as the nature of the distressing event, the pre-disposing factors for the victim and the nature of their support system afterwards.

I am experienced in working with clients suffering with PTSD and, through structured therapy, can help the client come to terms with the traumatic event and move on with their lives.

I can help with the range of symptoms that PTSD sufferers may experience:

  • nightmares or bad dreams
  • flashbacks to the event
  • frightening thoughts you cannot control
  • avoidance of places and things that are reminders of the event
  • worrying, sadness, guilt
  • feeling isolated
  • poor sleep
  • restless, on edge
  • irritability or anger outbursts

PTSD may start at different times for different people, after the event or sometimes, several months or even years later.

Victims may turn to drinking excess alcohol or using drugs to try and manage their residual symptoms but these substances are very unhelpful coping strategies and may make the situation worse.

Children may also have PTSD but tend to show their symptoms in other ways, for example, behavioural changes, physical complaints.



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