Telephone & Skype Counselling

Why do I offer telephone and Skype counselling?

Many people lead very busy lives, and sometimes it can be difficult for you to visit a counsellor. Many of my clients work away with their work or live in different parts of the world at different times of the year.

Also some clients are too ill to get to counselling. There can be many reasons to try out telephone / Skype counselling, and this can be an effective way of getting the assistance that you need.

As long as you have access to a phone line or internet we can make contact anywhere in the world.

Some practical tips for making telephone/Skype counselling a success

If you want to try out telephone/Skype counselling, then there are some considerations that can be easily overlooked. For example:

  • Making sure that you have access to a phone/Skype, where you can also sit in a comfortable chair
  • Making sure that the room you are in is confidential
  • Making sure you have a space where you are unlikely to be interrupted by others in your work or home
  • Switching off any phones that are not being used for counselling.

Concerning confidentiality, I will always do telephone counselling from my own counselling room’s, which is also confidential and private.

How does the telephone/Skype counselling work?

You can contact me, either by phone or E-Mail, and we agree a date and time for our telephone/Skype counselling session.

How do I pay for Telephone/Skype Counselling

Fees are payable by cheque or bank transfer. It’s important to know funds must be clear before any counselling sessions start.

Please note that any call charges for counselling over the telephone are paid for by the client.



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