Here you can find testimonials I have received from clients that I have recently worked with.

Hypnosis with James helped me to start to gain control in my life again so empowering

Liz, age 35

Don’t know how hypnosis worked!! but it did now I feel so much more confident in life

Sarah, age 48

Hypnosis really helped me for my Driving test  “I was calm and in control. All the visualisation work really helped – Passed!”

Mike, age 18

James understood and helped me to realise not everything was negative in my life. By showing me that it helped remove my dark depression and got me back to work. Thank you!

Caroline, age 38

No one understands me. But James does

William, age 16

I never understood why I had so much anger? Thanks to James I do now and he’s helped me understand I can express this emotion in other useful ways like taking long walks. I really feel the beginning of not feeling angry all the time!

Ross, age 24

I laugh now thinking back over our sessions together. James got me to stop using the ‘But’ word and explained this word was keeping me stuck in life. He was right! I liked that James always put a smile on my face and that was new to me.

Marilyn, age 52

I felt so lost and confused when I first went to see James. Working together for a time, life began to become so much clearer. Then I could see what I needed to change for the better. Now I have a smile on my face and feel great!

Beth, age 48

James supported me when I was at my lowest after my dad died suddenly. I will always be grateful for the help and support he gave me.

Justin, age 23


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