Weight Loss

If you have ever tried to lose weight before then you know just how frustrating it can be.  You may lose weight at the outset and feel great, and then gradually the pounds begin to return and it is back to square one.

Whereas most diet plans focus on what you put in your mouth, my weight loss hypnotherapy program will change the way you feel about what you eat.  This is very effective because it is your feelings that can lead you into over eating or indulging in comfort food.

For example when you are bored, sad, stressed or in low esteem a chocolate bar may appear to be just what you need to feel better.  Through hypnosis you can learn to enjoy the healthy choice of food, such as a salad, and not yearn for a top up of French fries.

Through hypnotherapy the unconscious part of the mind can be accessed and retrained to help you develop a new and positive relationship with food and exercise.

You will feel more confident about your body, and your new positive approach to food and exercise will help you lose weight healthily and responsibly.



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