Work & Career Counselling

I can help you with all issues related to work, whether it be Counselling to help you decide what you would like to do as a career, counselling with regard to changing your career or counselling for issues at work that you are finding hard to deal with.

The workplace can be one of the biggest causes of stress and it can negatively affect our health, performance, relationships at work and at home.

What is Work or Career Counselling?

Work Counselling can be very helpful in establishing the root cause of why you feel anxious, unable to perform or are finding your relationships at work difficult. and in finding ways to manage these uncomfortable, and sometimes difficult situations that can occur at work.. I can help you to explore the causes of your anxiety such as stress caused by the job itself, , relationships at work, bullying, over-work, anger-management issues, job dissatisfaction  performance anxiety, tendency to worry a lot, low-self esteem, lack of confidence when in meetings or speaking, redundancy and anything else around your workplace that is causing you difficulties, and to find tools and strategies to help you manage your difficulties.

Career counselling is also of benefit to those who either don’t know what they want to do for a career, want to change their career , or are being forced to change their career. Our counsellors can offer support and help you establish goals for the future as well as looking at your qualities and helping you find the right career for you.



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